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Our philosophy of how we work is reflected in the values of the quality, work, innovation and experience.

Quality is an inherent characteristic to the Cerámicas Aparici trade mark and is seen in two lines of priority intervention:

Product. All of our material has the highest technical performance and esthetics. Our products are situated in the mid-high market segment.

Service. Through our large network of salesmen/women and representatives through out the whole world. We keep in preferential and direct contact with our clients, offering a personal treatment and a dedication that looks for the maximum satisfaction.

Hard work is the motor of our goals, the cultivation of a task lead to a clear result to which one can only get to by perseverance, enthusiasm and implication.

The innovation, just as much in the field of technology and design as in the process of management and organization, is a clear bet of our company and an investment of the future.

The experience of Cerámicas Aparici, with more than 45 years of working in the ceramic sector, is an added value and a security asset when it comes to trusting our company.

All of this has taken Cerámicas Aparici to be, right know, one of the leading companies of this sector in volume of sales, quality of the product, at the forefront of design and international presence. 

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