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The industrial charm of the brick material strength of porcelain porcelain.

Inspired by the charm of industrial a metropolitan loft and the expressive power of the classic brick with facings, to investigate anchors of a versatile material and resistance while providing excellent opportunities for aesthetic.

The ceramic surface becomes a figure of style urban by the desires. The facades of classic New Yorkers come in the home to bring that look that says the language of redevelopment construction as well as new and unusual interior design suggestions.

Brick Wall is a perfect blend of timeless charm and contemporary. We speak of a wall and a coating that reproduce with impressive fidelity the surface and yield the tactility of the brick.

The roughness and natural porosity is offered and available in a wide palette of colours to revive the charming essence of the brick. The proposed format 60x250, recalls the aesthetic effect of the irregular walls of subways.

The particular effects created by the crystallization of the sugars were observed along the grooves between the wooden slats.

This natural material inspired these contemporary ceramic slabs with a retro twist: the textures, grain markings and shades evoke the worn appearance and the ageing of the wines and spirits inside the barrels.


We believe that the adoption of environmental protection policies are essential for a better future and are committed to carrying out its activities respecting current environmental legislation. 
We believe that every technological innovation can't be separated from the protection of the planet. Innovation is a sustainable development.

Initiatives include:
- Reducing clay quarried – 32, 000 cubic metres per year
- Reducing water consumption - 10,000 cubic metres per year
- Minimum 40% raw recycled materials in all products
Eco Label, EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), ISO 14001:2004, LEED


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