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Ricordi Domani

Ricordi Domani



The meeting point between the past and the future of a product, including its causes and its consequences. This is to make design for Climatica Ceramiche that with, the collection "Ricordi di domani" conveys this fusion of vision, technology and creativity by creating unique handcrafted pieces, infinitely different from each other and intended to create a timeless style.

About ClimaCotto
Unique Aesthetic: Climabase is work crafted wet with special rollers and dies that transform each piece in a unique element and the result is always changing. This helps to create a inimitable effect of a finished surface.

Surface silk: Unlike industrial production, the surface is silky to touch despite being neither glazed nor polished. This is because the die extrudign the pieces create a surface film in which the clay particles are rubbed on each other. 

Particular forms:  The typical system of extruding  die cutting allows the realisation of complex shapes. It is similar to 'Tigelle', one of the famous cuisines of Modena. 

Greater flexibility: The extrusion craft does not press the dry clay to create very high voltages by leaving the vacuum extruded material to adapt to the desired form. This improves the technical characteristics of the product and makes it more elastic than an industrial product. 


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