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Design TaleStudio

Design Tale Studio, the Art of Science and Ceramics
DesignTaleStudio is a project that has existed in the mind of its founders for as long as they can remember, but it did not officially take shape until 2005, when they pooled their creative resources and their desire to broaden the horizons of the ceramic world through the concepts of art, experimentation and innovation.

Although it operates within the context of a company, DesignTaleStudio has an approach that stretches out beyond the four walls of an office to embrace the active contribution of a whole host of people who are always passing through and leaving their artistic mark on the place with fresh ideas, drawings and brand-new creations.

Ceramic material is something it is not always possible to exert total control over; it is the product of a combination of water, earth and fire, with the end result depending on both the hand of man and the very nature of the elements. DesignTaleStudio experiments extensively with the aesthetic and material qualities of these elements, with a view to creating not just a product, but an authentic work of art.

Craft skills:
DesignTaleStudio aims to rediscover the value of hand-crafted ceramics, as an expression of pure creativity and experimentation at its finest: the artistic genius of the individual is worth more than the mere efficiency of the production line.

Beyond porcelain stoneware:

DesignTaleStudio is always on the lookout for original combinations of new material components and non-conventional processing techniques designed to give a fresh touch of character to porcelain stoneware.

From industry to art:
In DesignTaleStudio, ceramic slabs become authentic works of art. Each series is produced in limited numbers, and each is the expression of an on-going desire to create a fresh, innovative approach to art and give rise to new trends.
The strength of a major firm:

Behind DesignTaleStudio lies a major firm, offering the guarantee of a 100% Italian-crafted product, fully compliant with the very highest quality standards of quality and environmental sustainability.


"In the Environment for the Environment"

The constant search into the new opportunities technology creates, gives us the chance to make industrial production more compatible with the environment that surrounds us: this is our Green philosophy. Every day, Design Tale Studio strives towards the development of products which have a low environmental impact, able to create efficient sustainable building projects. 

Initiatives include:
- A waste management system – reusing and recycling of waste generated in production
- Using pre and post consumer recycled material
- Low emitting materials Negligible VOC

In 2009 Design Tale Studio was awarded the “Premioall’InnovazioneAmicadell’Ambiente”sponsored by Legambiente.


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