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Reclaimed Bricks

Reclaimed Bricks
Fifth Element Handmade Tiles

Every grain has a story…

The Journey

Through our European salvage, the team have hand-picked unique building products that are individual, rare and rich in provenance, to enhance your building projects.  Each item adding character, timeless appeal and the opportunity to creatively explore an essential link to history.

Products have journeyed over hundreds of years, from first planting to perhaps housing families, providing children with a vehicle for learning, sheltering animals or the creation of some other chapter in history; to antiquities that celebrate the skills of artisans past; and lastly to enabling us to continue the journey through the sympathetic upcycling of materials to create modern bespoke environments where the spirit of the material lives on.

Our ability to reclaim the timeless beauty captured in these products and hand crafted architectural design elements and translate them into modern day projects, is only bounded by our imagination and our ability to embrace creativity.   

… And the story continues

All of our handmade terracotta bricks are responsibly salvaged from farmhouses and buildings of historical interest throughout Central Europe.

Each tile is between 150 to 250 years old, dating from the "Habsburg Empire" era.

The extraordinary warm colours, the beautiful hues and variations, the hand crafted shapes, all define the essence and rustic charm of these rare and unique bricks. 

These bricks make for a truly unique floor that can’t be replicated with new bricks.  Easy to maintain, these reclaimed tiles make the perfect choice as wear and tear will only beautify these reclaimed floor tiles and they will continue to age in your home.

Note, the colour of each individual brick across the collections will vary subtly, reflecting its unique history and the nature of a hand crafted creation.


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