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Tre Piu' Uno

Tre Pui' Uno

The strength of Etna, the largest volcano is Europe, releases unique materials that blend into the hands of the craftsmen.  Special cooking systems transform them into a natural product with innovative features.  High temperature glazes complete the magic by creating exclusive floors.

The volcanic clays are mixed and pressed into moulds of wood by master craftsmen. Each piece shows the irrefutable signs of the passage of their hands, creating a unique aesthetic effect.

A hand-made terracotta with technical features that make it close to a Gres.  This is due to the slow production cycles and high temperature recasting the original material linking super-resistant glazes.  A new process of dry pigment mineral helps to create the innovative version unglazed simply eternal.

Volcanoes are an inexhaustible source of raw materials that the earth gives us, allowing us to not destroy the landscape.  Climacotto is using these particular clays and renewing them as craft products with are technologically advanced. 

Three special cracklè glazes from neutral colors and shiny surface side by side to the rough matt color of the groud. This increases the aesthetic possibilities through contrasts of color and material for flooring and walls characterized simply by being unique.

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