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Fioranese, Ceramic Evolution

In 50 years of ceramic tradition, we have built a business made of creativity, intelligence and a spirit of renewal which today is the heart and soul of our company. “Designing Italian style floors to meet the world” is our way of thinking of an exclusive range of ceramic tiles: dynamically, originally and competently, using production processes marked by quality and technological innovation.
Research and expressivity, reliability and resistance for wall and floor tiling for residential and commercial use have led us to produce porcelain stoneware that blends tradition and modernity, technology and environmental sustainability.
Ceramica Fioranese thus aims for continuous evolution, to create ceramic tiling with a beautiful, functional spirit: so that the places we live in can become a place of
well-being, in a wider, richer and more rational concept of living.

An essential, sophisticated design blends with a technological and functional soul focusing on practical use and versatility for indoor and outdoor products, able to transport our ceramic tile into an authentic furnishing complement, to suit different styles and tastes.
Our research looks to the outside world, blending with natural material impressions and the latest fashion and interior design trends, making our tiles a worthy feature of a contemporary lifestyle, built around the needs of humans and their many hopes and dreams.

A perfectly balanced style coordination in the choice of graphics, colours and surfaces, dialoguing with the formal and aesthetic qualities of ceramics, to become a leading player in producing uniquely creative design solutions for indoor and outdoor tiling.


Research and the application of innovative tools and technological processes is the expression of the business strategy implemented by Ceramica Fioranese based on the principles of social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Safeguarding and respecting the environment are among the values we are best known for.
Right from its origins, the Fioranese spirit has developed and evolved, allowing us today to create eco-compatible ceramic tiles that remain beautiful and practical over time, and are also respectful of the environment we live in, aware as we are of the need to help prevent waste and environmental damage with a view to sustainable development.

Initiatives include:

- Research and supporting developments in minimising energy usage

- Production optimisation and waste reduction

- Minimising pollution

Fioranese is a member of U.S Green Building Council, all porcelain stoneware is produced in our Italian factories, and has ISO 14001:2004 and EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certification, the most selective environmental certification regarding processes at European level. For a guarantee of Italian-made quality.

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