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Artist Studio

Artist Studio


The most artistic and indefinite expression of colour takes form in an absolutely innovative ceramic surface, where the cement-effect combines a perfect balance of art, design and functionality.

About Think Bigger

Ceramics Fondovalle is in love with spaces to personalise and enhance with fine design solutions.  For this reaso we work to lovingly take care of spaces and decorate them with great style.  The greatest.  All this is THINK BIGGER.  This is Fondovalle. 

Big dreams, big spaces and big ideas. The horizons are multiplied, creativity comes to life and materials is amplified.  A project that offers unique and innovative perspectives, where large surfaces are combined with state-of-the-art surfaces and where "normal" means "extra-dimensional". All this is THINK BIGGER.

THINK SPACE   "Space is the greatest things as it contains all things"  Thales, Fragments.

Think of a space and imagine your infinite dimension. Decorate it with surfaces that reflect your passion, wellbeing and lifestyle.  Think big because the space of your wishes is beyond size.  All this is THINK BIGGER.

THINK OF A PROJECT    "Men despise great projects when they do not feel capable of great success" Marquis of Vauvenergues, Reflections and maxims.

Ideas take life in numerous ambitious projects, always different and unique.  Projects where new formats define the evolution of design. All this is THINK BIGGER.

THINK OVER   "There's always more, a little further - it never ends" Jack Kerouac, On the road. 

There is no limit to innovation, flair, shapes, architecture, design and art.  The seeds of great results and great successes lie beyond the normal boundaries.  All this is THINK BIGGER.

THINK BIGGER   "Man's greatness lies in his power of thought" Baise Pascal, Thoughts. 

Thoughts of big spaces, a big project and a big horizon.  Transforming thought into material, a new idea, a new shape.  Passion desire and creativity are the driving force behind these new ideas. Bigger ideas.  All this is THINK BIGGER.

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