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Gigacer was born in Faenza, birthplace of ceramic and strategic heart of the new technologies related to industrial and handicraft ceramic materials. The territory offers the right atmosphere and skilfulness to develop such an innovative and advanced project for the ceramic field, complying with the most severe standards today leading the environment and the quality of products. Experience and technological innovation melt in a new way of manufacturing ceramic: flexible, original, high quality but above all aiming to satisfy the market demands for "new and trendy". This is the mission of a modern and innovative enterprise Made in Faenza.


GIGACER production process starts from large porcelain slabs, size 1200x1200mm, homogeneous multilayer, that afterwards can be cut in many other submultiples and worked again to get different finishes, preserving their top quality and aesthetic features.
These homogeneous multilayer porcelain slabs show superior technical and aesthetical characteristics thanks to a highly innovative technology.
This allows Gigacer to be very flexible: while the colours in range are always on stock, all the sizes can be cut upon request. Thus it is possible to have different sizes with the same shade.


The historic moment came GIGACER is characterized by the demand for homogeneous surfaces:GIGACER is the fully Italian answer to the request of large size ceramic tiles.
The company was driven by the need for large size slabs by design and architecture offices and, simultaneously, on the real possibility to realize the size 1200 x 1200 mm with a highly innovative technology for the production of unglazed porcelain tile.

The market to which Gigacer aimes requires excellent technical characteristics and the possibility of designing without considering the dimensions of the materials as a limit. The porcelain slab is 1200x1200, and it is also used in its sub-formats (obtained from the cut line within the company itself), allowing the designer a very large modularity.

The series are characterized by a homogeneous chromatic choice across the collections, this makes sure that the same color inside different ranges has the same base and therefore can be easily matched, despite the different finish / structure. The same applies for the various thicknesses, which presents also equal surfaces and colors.
The slabs produced with thickness of 4.8 mm, 12 mm and 24 mm.


The equipment has been realized on purpose to manufacture large sizes and uses an innovative technology called Continua. This technology foresees a pre-compacting phase before pressing , that allows to achieve special decorative effects without using glazes, but only distributing the porcelain mixed powders on the body. The firing at 1250° guarantees a total vitrification of the body.


Respect for the environment + safety in the factory and on site. Gigacer is committed to the safety of its workers and the environment and this can be seen in the choices it makes: its packaging uses less cardboard and no adhesives, emissions are a lot lower than those currently allowed by law, attention to the working environment is high and the slabs are bevelled and packed horizontally on pallets to ensure safety.

Initiatives include:
- Insuring the safety and comfort of staff through healthy, ergonomic buildings and highly computerised production line
- Data collection revealing no physical or acoustic disturbance to surrounding area
- Minimal and recyclable packaging used (10%> of traditional packaging)

Gigacer is situated in and supports San Rocco "2008 Mediterranean eco-district" and meets and had relevant environmental certifications


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