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Hexagon Textures

Hexagon Textures
Petra Stone + Giovanni Barbieri

As an extremely versatile product stone has always been part of the fundamental needs for man.  Historically employed in the building industry as a structural support stone has determined architectural and decorative styles outlining a contrast between ordinary random stone pattern buildings and aristocratic homes mainly consisting of regular cut geometric pieces crafted by skilful craftsmen. Besides the above task stone is currently being applied as an interior decorative element in inns, fireplace surroundings and rustic style settings to enhance visual delight.

Particularly in the heart of large city centres stone craftsmen are gradually disappearing with setup of outdoor and indoor real stone surfaces becoming more difficult and expensive. Due to such reasons stone production needed to evolve towards a simpler manufacturing process. Several facilities were setup producing an "engineered stone" product embodying installation ease (as in ceramic tiles) reducing costs compared to genuine stone. Being the leading producer of "engineered marble" items and based upon its proven experience and excellent results accomplished through evolving sophisticated manufacturing techniques Petra Stone introduces in 2004 yet another "State of the Art" product: "The Petra Stone Collection". Beautiful shades and textures blend with superior structural characteristics resulting in an outstanding "touch and feel" perception outlining our main objective in the engineered stone field: "To be a step ahead."

Unrivalled innovation and extraordinary perception are achieved through our remarkable "raw material" as compared to others. Similar products consist mainly of cement based compounds and surface absorption oxidizing agents commonly known as pigments. The finest natural stone "dusts" carefully selected from premium grade quarries blend with quality resins to achieve an exceptional product virtually identical to genuine stone. Petra Stone products can be modelled to offer exciting "covering" and "furnishing" applications according to the most demanding yet traditional quests for beauty.

The product follows an ASTM and European quality certification code being U.V. and fire rated, resistant to frost and atmospheric agents as well as common domestic acids, detergents and pool additives. 

About Giovanni Barbieri
Giovanni Barbieri began working at the age of 14 as a building site labourer; at 16 years old he was already capable of independently managing fl ooring project setups operating within his older brother's business. At 18 years old Giovanni took over 50% of the business establishing F.lli Barbieri in 1984 with the company actively producing tumbled marble for its own needs.

At the age of 22 he then began attending interior design evening classes successfully completing two three-year courses between 1989 and 1997 with best results achieved in building site/projects in cooperation with the same teaching architects.  Such a cooperation established a solid development in which Giovanni was the sole executive/in charge of projects supplying marble products exclusively from its family business and personally supervising all installations. He later focused on production processes regarding new products, initially applied to local markets gradually extending in United States mainly due to the exceptional design, research, development and marketing understanding shared with American distributors.

Having created some of the most exclusive decorative panels, Giovanni participated in various contemporary art competitions achieving a "special mention" award during Turin 2003. At the age of 44 his new products and collections are all positively welcomed throughout the world and the North American market: "Ambra Collection" in particular is undoubtedly one of the best product introduced during 2008, a collection receiving an "Architectural Record" award from the American Architecture monthly magazine designating the collection among the best 2008 construction products.

In 2010 following the Timeworn Mosaics Collection creation he discovers a new way to recycle natural stone by-product developing a new laboratory testing Engineered Marble Carved Tiles suitable for applications in which Natural Stone cannot be recommended due to high humidity or extreme climate factors. The Flamboyant, Shades and Rinemi Collections introduce new generation tri-dimensional panels resulting in a unique aesthetic design further enhanced by gold/silver applications and Swarovski inserts being the product totally maintenance-free.

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