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Power. Equilibrium. Elegance. 

Universal, unchanging qualities brought together by Marazzi in a material expression which draws its inspiration from pure rock and takes shape through technological innovation, thus providing a perfect solution for the most ambitious of projects, an ideal channel through which to express the most personal of desires.  

Monolith draws its energy from the strength and resistance of porphyry.

Available in three surface finishes – bush-hammered, matt and brushed – and completed with geometric and three-dimensional inserts, Monolith comes in large-size slabs – which have a high degree of versatility and outstanding physical qualities.

Made in full-body porcelain stoneware with “continuous” technology, Monolith can be used in situations requiring continuity in internal and external environments and in all contexts, both commercial and residential flooring. Natural soul. Hard-wearing in the extreme. Timeless reliability. From the ancient strength of Porphyry, Marazzi’s technology forges immutable material.  Subtlety and consistence blend together in an exchange of spaces. The perfect continuity of the material confers perfect balance in a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor.  

Energy and harmony give rise to a classy, sophisticated product. Monolith comes alive in a blend of creative geometry, soft colours and precious ideas. 

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