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Nature in the home.  

Treverk, wood effect paving slabs, captures Natures most profound emotions and qualities: it’s a new ceramic wood with a sophisticated look and excellent technical qualities.

Offered in six colour shades and completed with mosaic and listel inserts, Treverk comes in large-size full-body porcelain stoneware slabs that allow for endless tone-on-tone or contrasting-colour installation possibilities. Made with the innovative “continuous” and ‘ink jet’ technologies, Treverk is perfect for use in “without-interruption” situations in all types of environment, both residential and commercial.

Treverk offers a wide range of colours, starting from a base of carefully selected shades with a variety of patterning in the individual pieces that provides an extremely natural overall effect.  Tiles in this series can also be used as wall coverings, using the plain tiles on their own or ornamenting them with a range of strip and mosaic decorative tiles that convey delicate impressions of warmth. 

Treverk has a warm surface inspired by the finest types of wood. Multiform, variegated, extremely natural yet also tough and easy to clean, thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of porcelain stoneware. Treverk is tough yet at the same time enhances the romantic atmosphere of a sophisticated, creative design scheme.  

Treverkoutdoor is also able to clad outdoor areas with the same material, making the borderline between indoors and out a thing of the past. The surface has an anti-slip structure that recalls hand-crafted wood, making it suitable for outdoor use and conveying the natural appeal of traditional craftsmanship. Sunny atmospheres and light and shade effects reflect the product’s evergreen soul.  

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