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Bas Relief

Bas Relief
Mutina + Patricia Urquiola

Bas Relief, designed by renowned designer, Patricia Urquiola, is an artisan-produced work of different variations and depths, influenced by traces of the past. In this handmade collection, designed primarily for wall use, the theme of the bas-relief comes to life in several versions and depth. Shades are natural and neutral. The four styles within the collection, while all textured and bold, are extremely different from one another. Each pattern has a seemingly pixelated look to it, this "digital" aesthetic contrasts with the handcrafted, slightly irregular edge of the tiles themselves.

Code Relief – This style has a refined appearance. The movement that repeats itself on the surface appears to be a code. It is available in 268x180 tiles and can be used as flooring.

Patchwork Relief – This style has raised and overlapped details of a patchwork pattern which constantly evolve without repetition. This style is available in 180x540 tiles.

Garland Relief – This is a new take on a floral motif; one that appears both contemporary and digital. The finishing of the surfaces creates different depths and heights for an articulated chiaroscuro effect. This style is available in 180x540 tiles.

Cloud Relief – This airy and light pattern captures the air bubbles on the surfaces and fixes them in an abstract design. This style is available in 180x540 tiles.

About Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola's professional career began in Italy, influenced by figures such as Bruno Munari, the intellectual founding father of the Milan school. Patricia considers herself a Spaniard, or rather an Asturian of Basque descent. Urquiola trained at the Polytechnic Universities of Madrid and Milan. In Milan she worked with Vico Magistretti and Achille Castiglioni before opening her own studio there in 2001. She alternates product design projects for major international companies - from Alessi to B&B Italia, Moroso, De Padova, Rosenthal and Axor, to mention but a few - with architecture projects for private homes, hotels and showrooms. Patricia's work has earned her numerous international awards: the Wallpaper Design Awards in 2006 and 2013, Elle Decoration International Design Award, and Designer of the Year for the first time in 2003 and several times in the following years, as in 2009 with Mutina Déchirer collection. Her creations, including Déchirer have been selected for ADI Design Index and The International Design Yearbook.

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