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Ornamenta + Gamma Due 

The American Dream

“Grafica da cartoon per una interpretazione contemporanea delle superfici”.
“Cartoon graphics for a contemporary interpratation of the surfaces”.

'Pop Art is a way of liking things' - Andy Warhol
In the year that has just ended in Milan, in the beautiful surroundings of the Palazzo Reale, the exhibition #WARHOL, Ornamenta wanted to pay tribute to the leader of American Pop Art with this new collection named Artwork in which the surfaces of Marble, Brick, and Wood are reinterpreted emphasizing, as in a 'caricature' traits that distinguish each of them.

The caricatures of 'Artwork' come to life on a white basis of gres porcelain, the paper, on which are 'loaded' the characteristic features of each surface. Black and other colours are applied with HD digital printing in order to combine a great variety of modules with a perfect drawing up, without smudgings and high-resistance at the same time. Marble, Brick, and Wood can be set 'stand-alone' both on wall and on floor, by using the different modules, or 'random', by matching themselves together in pairs or by composing a 'total patchwork'. 

WOOD - Contemporary interpretation of wood that with its 10 colour variants and 5 modules allow endless possibilities of studying your favourite layout.

BRICK - Seamless pattern and colour are the personal signature of this unconventional Brick. Exaltation of spaces.

MARBLE - Marble loses the classic 'photorealism' by imitation and its drawn veins are purposely emphasized to give a contemporary re-interpretation.

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