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Jungle Animalier
Ornamenta + Gamma Due 

Don’t be scared. Be wild!

La Natura con la sua forza e i suoi colori intensi trasforma metropoli quotidiane in giungle incontaminate. Tessuti animalier mixati a una rigorosa e indomabile flora equatoriale.

Nature with its strength and its intense colors transforms everyday metropolis in uncontaminated Jungles. Animalier print fabrics mixed with a lush and indomitable equatorial flora.

The White of 'Basics' gres porcelain program is the backstage where the jungle comes to life. Two colours: neutral and aggressive, the same wild spirit for both. Completely handmade drawn with a 'mixed technique' - waterproof, pencil and ink - the three subjects mixed in the box allow you to have a 'non-repetitive' wall, absolutely timeless and endlessly chic. Digital HD printing is combined with the plain screen one to drive us realistically into the lush equatorial flora. 
In the Fashion-system Animalier is used more and more by different stylists in all its expressions. The declination we have chosen starts with two textures: leopard and zebra, designed in perfect 'street style'. A 'print animalier', passepartout texture for gritty people who love to mix bold colours and neutral ones to create balanced mix, expression of contemporary homestyle.

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