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Miseria e Nobilta

Miseria e Nobilta
Ornamenta + Gamma Due 

Ceramic Fake: “Cardboard tailor made”

“La vera ricchezza è la semplicità”.

“The real richness is its simplicity”.

Waitings disillusioned and unfulfilled dreams. Cardboard to represent the stage in which the characters write their own story, a story made of indifference and conventions to subvert. Miseria Vs Nobilta? No! Miseria and Nobilta.
The Language used? Ceramics!
The simple basis of Avana and Greggio are the stage on which the story of their characters is told in tailoring patterns black&white that create wallpaper effects. The new magnitudes mulitply the decorative force only attenuated by the neutrality of cardboard. 

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