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Ornamenta + Gamma Due 

The Art of doodling

“Tutti possono disegnare”
“Everyone can draw”


The White of 'Basics' gres porcelain becomes the paper on which we draw our patterns characterized by printing of black colour with 'lampostil' effect, fired at 1180 degrees celsius to combine creativity and high resistance. Patterns can be set in a orderly manner or by 'patchwork', in order to allow architects and interior designers to create their own project. 
Everyone can learn to draw, as long as they learn to bring the ability to 'see artistically', that is to perceive reality, not according to the preconceived ideas of the rational mind which is operated by the left hemisphere of the brain, but through the development of intuitive categories an creativity, which presides over the right hemisphere.
cit. Betty Edwards

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