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Two persons, two friends, one seeking new business opportunities in which to invest resources and infrastructure, the other gifted with unique insight and a creative idea to share.

An idea whose inception is closely linked to a recent encounter, a creative woman, overrunning with enthusiasm, determination, and with professional experience that has led her to focus on a single goal: to forge the evolution
of a ceramic concept that embodies tradition, elegance and beauty. This is the background to Quintessenza Ceramiche, a name of great significance taken from the Latin "quinta-essentia".

According to Aristotle the quintessence was aether, so called because in ancient times the alchemists believed in the existence of just four elemental spheres: terra (earth), aqua (water), aer (air), and ignis (fire).
Above the sphere of fire it was posited that there was a purer and more refined substance that bound the other four elementsto itself: the quintessence, or fifth element.

Quintessenza Ceramiche: the highest and purest expression of ceramic art.
In the constantly shifting world of ceramics, immersed in the latest technology and the development of large sizes, QC strives to buck the trend by rediscovering the original elements that have always been a hallmark of ceramic art. The goal is reinterpretation on the basis of a contemporary vision, to unleash new inspirations, imparting fresh forms to traditional ceramic art and becoming a design element for more innovative and modern concepts. Material, Structure, Shape and Colour: the elemental components that can give free rein to infinite creative expression.

"Our aim was to express sensations, feelings and styles through the language of ceramic art. We combined shapes, colours and finishes to awaken curiosity in the observer. We embarked on a voyage in search of opposites, minimalism and decoration, sophistication and simplicity, chiaroscuro, light and shade, patterns and geometrical rigour. We were striving to propose pathways and new ideas, but the underlying intention is to transfix the observer and unleash his or her creative energy. Our mission is to engender emotion."

We dreamt of young and eclectic settings covered with oxidized reflections and a chalky patina so retro and yet at the same time so modern, but with all the qualities of porcelain stoneware.

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