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La Roche Di Rex

La Roche Di Rex

A new style, with a new informal and instant opulence interpreting spaces, no longer linked to the ostentation of material goods but to giving full value to the spirit. Unusual, striking combinations, layers of life-experience - both old and modern - and precious elements cohabiting perfectly with recycled items, create an atmosphere that tells a very definite story: a contrasting duality clearly expressing specific identities.

The strongly personal symbols hark back to a dimension of domestic intimacy. The culture of past times takes a fresh look at the present: everything is connected, and a subtle, authentic thread really takes us back to an allure that is timeless. This is the angle from which REX views each individual aspect of life, both social and personal, to build an aesthetic appeal tending towards beauty - an essential principle, and intrinsic to the very nature of human beings.

The relationship between man and nature shapes ' La Roche': 
a french-style sedimentary stone. Rex explores elegant contrasts where the romantic charm of the stone bursts through combinations rich in contemporary flavour.

A complex understanding between man and nature lies at the basis of La Roche di Rex, a densely stratified stone tile with distinctly French overtones.

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