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Saloni + Hector Ruiz 

Earth references the colours and textures of the earth. It is the essence of the natural material, pressed and compacted and interpreted into ceramic. Evoking textures and trace step time, a regular Earth transcends to become a functional and aesthetic emotion with which cover the surfaces of our homes coating.

Earth seeks to surprise the space itself, creating experiences that connect us with the material, one that always accompanies the man and which historically follows the path of architecture and construction of our environment. The awakening of the memory of fire, water and earth, an excerpt from our origins in the new times, where the protagonist is the essence of the authentic.

Today more than ever creatives and designers have a responsibility to reinvent industrial production, it is necessary to maintain a dynamic and productive labor, while attender the exigencies and needs of an increasingly public aware of your surroundings. The industrial products had become consumer goods that must respond coherently to time and society in which they were created , bringing more and more functional and aesthetic cultural content. 

The identity of the product is a prolongation of the ones own identity, individual and collective , highlighting the sensitivity compared to the current situation develops the individual. Thus from different scopes proposals based on " Universal Design " are developed , respecting the environment, the computer investigation to construct ways to generate new products and designs are to favor the most disadvantaged nuclei life.  The products come with an intention, containing a form of thinking and methodology , the result in most cases, a multidisciplinary teamwork.

Teams today have eliminated geographic barriers to work together from different parts of the planet. The globalization of design thus becomes a inherent to communication and development. 

A new way of working based on the understanding in the sharing and developing of new explorer languages. Designers, artists and architects to join their particular vision paortar their experience and work.

About Hector Ruiz

The architect Hector Ruiz- Velazquez is a Master of Architecture from the University of Virginia and has further studied at Harvard University, Columbia, and Politechnica Madrid, Madrid among the many studies in prestigious studio centers worldwide.

Emphasizes his work as a lecturer and writer, having realisation interventions in these areas at national and international level.


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