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Ceramica Sant' Agostino

In line with the strong ability to set trends, Digitalart, the new collection of Ceramica Sant’Agostino, bursts into the world of fashion using the artistic graphics of tissue and defining a new ornamental code for the most advanced ceramic material.

Digitalart does not limit to translating the style of texture but interprets it artistically through a graphic key, with a chromatic movement of empty and full, alternated through visual sequences that become a language.

Italian style + artistic graphics: beauty, quality and innovation. Unexpected suggestions of ceramic interpreting any kind of environment. Chromatic motion of blank and fill to encode a model of stoneware. Exploring the world of fashion for new languages of design. Visual sequences, laying patterns and lines of material. A new ornamental key of the most evolved porcelain.

The digital printing reproduces plots and colors up to the edge of the tile. The first fabric effect made on a ceramic surface with three-dimensional texture.

This collection is part of the project that includes the new range of Ceramica Sant'Agostino products made with the innovative inkjet digital printing. Especially designed for the ceramic industry, this technology allows endless possibilities for reproduction of any artwork, natural or artistic, ensuring extraordinary technical and aesthetic results. The key point is the definition of printing: perfect in every detail, even in the case of structured surfaces with pronounced peaks; it extends over the entire surface of the tile up to the edges. Digital printing is a clean technology: the inks are used 100% without generating residual wastage.

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