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Out System

Out System
Wall & Decò

Outdoor Unconventional Texture

Imagine to release outside everything you have kept inside. A new interpretation of interior decoration reveals and becomes visible art to everyone. Wall design overcomes its usual setting to conquer new spaces and dimensions. Architectural finishings have gained new expressions for urban landscape. OUT - Outdoor Unconventional Texture - is the system with new ideas for outdoor design allowing materials and traditional finishings to assume new textures and shapes for an unexpected interpretation of wall coverings. OUT is a Wall & Decò project resulting from research and development activities on innovative design shapes and solutions. OUT - Outdoor Unconventional Texture - is the technical covering for the outdoors with a highly decorative appeal, primary function of wallpaper, and with an overwhelming creativity, a feature which distinguishes all Wall & Decò interior decorating proposals. The combination of these elements brings to new applications, new technical properties and performances.

OUT SYSTEM is a valid alternative to traditional coverings, which allows experimenting new decoration solutions for walls in the outdoors:
- it is specific for applications on outdoor walls and facades
- it has innovative technical properties and allows highly innovative visual effects
- it can be applied on new wall surfaces in cement, thermal coat or with paint

The outdoor wall covering OUT SYSTEM has undergone testing and is guaranteed for 10 years from installation.
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