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Wall & Deco

Wall&Decò, Contemporary Wallpaper

Wall&Decò rises its creative inspiration in constant balance between design and planning, photographical realism and graphics, material research and formal immediateness. It is a fresh revolution that overwhelms and renews the old wallpaper concept coming to the creation of solutions for the interior decoration with a unique style and a strong visual impact. The Wall&Deco products deal no longer with the neutral, reiterated and monothematic wallpapers, but with solutions obtained out of a deep research on the materials and their surface processing.

A study that carefully plans the subjects on the basis of their potential placing.
An element that deserves particular attention is the extreme flexibility of all the articles, which permits to create custom-made solutions and include traces of each one personal life inside the wallpaper patterns.

The Wall&Decò wallpapers are vinyl, completely washable and provided with fire-resistance certification. Their non-woven backside grants stability and setting up simplicity. - Architonic


Christian Benini - Photographer, founder and art director of Wall&decò. 
Christian Benini began his career as a portrait photographer and then went on to specialise in fashion and publicity photography. He has worked in close conjunction with advertising agencies and fashion houses in Italy, the United Kingdom and the USA.   His interest is increasingly more precisely focused on the photography of interiors. Thus a path of research began which is still in progress and which resulted in his setting up Wall&decò, a project which combines photography and design in constant evolution.

Marika Baldoni - Visual stylist
Wladimiro Bendandi - Communication designer and visual artist
Serena Confalonieri - Interior designer
Lorenzo De Grandis - Creative Designer
Eva Germani - Artist
Sylva Gorthana - Interior designer
Antonella Guidi - Artist
Antonio Marras - Stylist
Ines Porrino - Designer
Giovanni Pesce - Designer
Raw - Architects, Interior Designs
Francesca Zoboli - Visual Designers
4P1B / D - Design Collective
Giovanni Pagani - Architect, Interior Designer
Alessandro Gottardo (aka Shout) - Illustrator
Xavier Barcelona - Designer
Talva Design - Artist, Designer
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