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Dominic Crinson


Futuristic. Fresh. Colourful. Bold Inspiration.

Dominic Crinson

Dominic Crinson is a British creative institution, manufacturing luxury interior products that combine contemporary design with modern technology. For niche or large-scale projects, Crinson provides futuristic, fresh, colourful tiles and wallpaper for those searching after bold inspiration. Since 1998 Dominic Crinson has been re-inventing the tile. When Dominic developed his proprietary process for digital printing ceramic tiles he kick started a digital revolution in wall and floor coverings. Dominic has since become internationally recognised for his extravagant design style. Delicate yet bold,contemporary whilst embracing tradition, he creates wall tiles that enrich spaces with their kaleidoscopic prints,evocative colour and bold imagery.

Using natural forms as inspiration and abstraction as a method for creating pattern, Dominic Crinson creates vivid wall coverings for contemporary and statement interiors. New innovative printing methods embrace traditional craftsmanship to produce tiles that are desirable, luxurious, and above all, beautiful. The range includes wall tiles, floor tilesand wallpapers and the collection includes more than 200 designs that satisfy style choices from the classic to the naïve, stylish to the theatrical. Dominic Crinson has worked on a variety of high profile architectural projects around the world.

Passing through art, ethnic traditions, research and experimentation Dominic Crinson has re-expressed ideas of dignity for ceramic panels.