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Marco Piva

Marco Piva

Exciting, fluid, functional. This is the language that distinguishes Marco Piva’s architectural creations, product design and interior design.

A traveller and a designer, an innovator who is educated in rational approaches, he studies and creates design solutions which are pervaded by stylistic freedom and compositional sobriety.

New design interpretation perspectives have originated from Piva’s academic training. The Faculty of Architecture of Milan guided disputes and challenges during the 1970s with initiatives aimed at rejecting construction archetypes and the deconstruction of obsolete dogmas. Piva received his degree from the Politecnico di Milano in 1977, which provided him with a starting point for a career that has been devoted to the development of a functional method of use, original in its syntax, a creator of visible and authentic situations in both national and international settings.

Efforts that focused on the search for materials and technology, the value of differentiation and design innovation led to the founding of Studiodada.