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Tile Trends set to be big in 2023

Tile Trends set to be big in 2023

Our recent overseas trip to Cersaie in Italy was full of awe and excitement as we discovered the latest fresh and fabulous tile designs, styles and colours.  Over 5 full days of trekking the 160,000 + m2 exhibition and seeing a magnitude of tile displays, one after the other, we walked away with an abundance of knowledge on brand new tile innovations, the latest tile technology offerings and a pretty good idea on what will be trending over the coming year.

Cersaie is the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings held as

an annual event in Bologna where manufacturers from around the globe come together to showcase their newest tile collections and bathware ranges.

With years of experience visiting Cersaie we’ve found that even though the trends are born in Italy they filter into Australia over a relatively short period of time.

The biggest take away from this year’s exhibition was the push towards fresh and fabulous colours, wallpaper designs and motifs, three dimensional structures and extreme formats between super large panel tiles and small rectangle subway sizes.

Wallpaper Tiles

Botanical patterns and fresco inspired patterns on large scale tiles were popular amongst many manufacturers at the fair. The advancements of 3D gigital printing on tile allows for patterns and motifs to look more stylish and realistic than ever before.  We’re excited to see this stunning trend come to life and introduce fantastical art tiles into our homes.


Colour Magic is a beautiful new collection that offers a stunning array of wallpaper tiles in an impressive 600 x 1200mm size format. They can be used on walls in areas of the home to create a standout feature. They are paired perfectly with matching block colour tiles in the same series.

Subway tile formats

Small rectangle and subway format tiles were on display at the exhibition in all shapes, sizes, colours and textures but handmade-look were most prominent. We’re excited to see this format in tile take preference as it is so versatile.  Subway tiles can be installed in a number of different ways to completely change up the look. Traditionally, subway tiles have been laid in a brick pattern but nowadays preference is growing towards vertically, horizontally or even as a herringbone pattern.


Pixel emerald green matt is perfect as a splash back tile in this contemporary kitchen designed by Olivia Cirocco.

Block Colour

Block colour and texture in tile was a welcoming sight at the exhibition and a design trend that we predict will be an everlasting and timeless favourite for many different styles of homes. It’s a fresh new take on tile and super exciting to finally move away from the the past greys and charcoals of yesteryear into more bolder and cheery colours.

We’ll see these glorious colours used on both floors and walls for a punch of impact and even combined with wallpaper tiles for an added sense of elegance and sophistication.



Made in Italy, ‘Colour Magic’ offers a fresh colour palette and creates a reconnection to the senses through tactile plaster effect textures and wallpaper designs and motifs.

Terracotta Tones

In contrast to the bold and bright colours just mentioned, terracotta and muted earthy colour palettes were also trending quite heavily at the fair.

These tones are so easy to introduce into the home as they invite the outdoors in and evoke a sense of nature and new life to the home.


Terra Crea is a brand new porcelain tile collection from Italy that offers a clay like surface texture in an array of earth enriched colours and in a magnitude of sizes.

Breeze Blocks

Traditional breeze blocks have been beautifully reinterpreted and designed to add dimension and texture to rooms both indoors and outdoors as a means to either seperate 2 different spaces or as a stand alone feature wall. These three dimensional block structures are making a comeback in a big way and with so many tactile shapes and colours on offer they are hard to resist.


A stunning living area designed by Chelsea Hing using Mutina’s handcrafted Celosia brick.



Bloc is made of terracotta and comes in either natural or glazed (as pictured above in Blue Matt)

The team at Urban Edge Ceramics regularly travel to Italy to visit our manufacturing partners so we can bring the latest in trends, tile technology and sustainable products into your home. We invite you to visit our Richmond showroom and discover the beautiful new collections for yourself.