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Transform Your Garden Space With Outdoor Tiles

Transform Your Garden Space With Outdoor Tiles

Spending time outdoors during the warmer months can be an enjoyable and satisfying experience especially when stepping out onto a beautiful and rugged floor tile. With so many choices available in tiles today it can be a daunting task trying to select one that is not only perfect in terms of colour but is also fit for purpose. For domestic dwellings there are no set rules when it comes to selecting outdoor floor tiles but we recommend choosing a porcelain tile with a slightly rough and textured surface finish therefore allowing a firmer grip underfoot.

Due to much progression in digital art technology, it is now possible to purchase outdoor porcelain tiles that are perfectly represent the look and feel of concrete, marble, clay and natural travertine stone. Not only do these porcelain tiles look realistic they are also tougher, more durable, scratch resistant, fade resistant and non-porous. This means less maintenance in terms of cleaning and no need for ongoing sealing. There are many benefits of opting for porcelain rather than natural stone for your outdoor areas. A good quality porcelain tile will endure the test of time and will look as beautiful from the day it is installed to many years down the road.  Here are some of our favourite outdoor tile recommendations.

Terra Crea

Terra Crea is a new porcelain tile collection with a plaster-like surface texture and weathered appearance. It is beautifully tactile and feels pleasant when walking on with bare feet making it perfect for outdoor entertaining areas, surroundings of and inside swimming pools.

Terra Crea is made with the latest in Italian technology and is extremely durable. Sealing is not required as it is made with non-porous porcelain. Stains and marks will easily wash off with a damp cloth and a household cleaning product.

The beauty of Terra Crea lies in its stunning colour palette. Colours have been carefully curated and selected directly from mother nature. Also on offer is a vast array of sizes making it super convenient to install in all areas of the home as well as create a seamless indoor / outdoor space.


The just landed Terrae collection is an Italian made porcelain tile designed with timeless beauty in mind. It perfectly simulates the natural texture of clay and concrete with its uneven, textured and matt surface. Terrae has a slip rating of R10 which means the surface of the tile feels slightly rough. This characteristic makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Terrae’s colour palette offers a beautiful selection of earthy colours that conveniently suit most styles of homes from contemporary to traditional.


Using pattern tiles outdoors will evoke a sense of fun and creative interest to your outdoor  and entertaining spaces. But be aware, not all pattern tiles are created equally. If pattern tiles are on your radar, ensure you choose one made of good quality porcelain and are suited for use as an outdoor floor tile.

Our Savoy collection of pattern tiles have a matt and textured surface with a slip test rating of R10 meaning it can be used both indoors and out.

Kale Petra

Kale Petra porcelain tiles are a beautiful and low-maintenance alternative to natural marble stone. These tiles are available in large formats that emulate large stone slabs therefore giving the impression of a larger, more spacious surface area to your indoor or outdoor spaces. Edges of tiles are rectified therefore each tile can be installed with a very thin grout  line.

Kale Petra have natural looking veining and movement and vary in colour from tile to tile so as to exude a beautiful natural stone look making them the perfect addition to your outdoors.

The team at Urban Edge Ceramics regularly travel to Italy to visit our manufacturing partners so we can bring the latest in trends, tile technology and sustainable products into your home. We invite you to visit our Richmond showroom and discover the beautiful new collections for yourself.