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Urban Edge Ceramics EST 1999 Urban Edge Ceramics EST 1999

About Us

Urban Edge Ceramics is run by a passionate and talented team of designers.

Established in 1999, UEC is known as a leader in high end tiles and unique surface finishings, ranging from porcelain to genuine terrazzo and mosaics crafted in Italy. Using a holistic approach we work closely with you to design beautiful spaces based around your behaviour, style, emotions and interaction with the environment.


All Urban Edge Ceramics staff come from design backgrounds – interior designers, colourists and architects who collectively carry more than 125 years of experience.

This wealth of experience and knowledge is shared with you to confidently design spaces that beautify the built environment.

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Family principles and experience

Justin and Mia, the original creative directors and owners of Urban Edge Ceramics, have carefully curated their product selections for a discerning, design educated clientele.

Their strong ethical principles are evident in the originality, quality and sustainability of the tiles that adorn their showrooms. Being a family run business of tile suppliers in Melbourne they extend a personalised experience that treats you and your design aspirations with respect.


Selecting the best in ethically produced tiles

Every tile has a story behind the final product.

  • How was it made?
  • Was it produced in an environmentally friendly way?
  • How did the design come about?
  • Has it been produced by the original designer or is it an inferior copy?

These are the important questions for our curators and clients alike.

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UEC works closely with factories in Italy and Spain to ensure our products are environmentally friendly and ethically produced to the highest industry standards.

Come visit our tile store in Richmond and enjoy these beautiful, original products to appreciate just how different Urban Edge Ceramics is.